Luenell & Paula Jai Parker Show How Little They Earn As Actresses And Paula's Is The Worst
(L) Comic/actress, Luenell (R) actress Paula Jai Parker

Actress Paula Jai Parker, most effective identified for her roles in “Friday”, “Hustle & Move,” and the animated series, “The Proud Family,” is very pissed right after acquiring her current earnings from SAG. So was comedian/actress, Luenell, who also discovered her SAG earnings. And pretty frankly, right after seeing just how substantially — or instead, how small — they earned, we undoubtedly have an understanding of where by they are coming from.

Paula Jai Parker And Luenell Blast SAG Over Minuscule Verify

A few weeks in the past, Paula resolved to share with the environment specifically how small her weekly SAG-AFTRA (Monitor Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Movie Artists) checks are, and little is damn near an understatement, sadly. Make any difference of fact, you know the saying that ‘it have to make dollars and sense’? Very well, when it will come to Paula’s test, it evidently skipped clean around the ‘dollars’ aspect and jumped straight to ‘cents’…literally.

Paula Jai Parker’s Instagram post

“The Hustle and Flow” and “Friday” veteran discovered that she bought compensated a whopping $.78 cents! Nah, that is not a typo people. She definitely received a $.78 check from SAG-AFTRA, by way of Financial institution of America…and to prove it, she shared a pic of her look at on social media. In carrying out so, she also, shared how she felt about it:

“#SAG is this how you address your #NAACP NOMINEES? I cant shell out my dues enable alone lease with this100+ assignments and this is what Im well worth 🧘🏾‍♂️😕 #DoBetter” – Paula Jai Parker

As you recognized, Paula stated that she was a new NAACP nominee, which she’d just shared news of on the net shortly right before obtaining her tiny check out from SAG-AFTRA. The reason she’s nominated is simply because homegirl is continue to out here doin’ the damn factor in the acting game…she’s just not receiving her just-thanks when it arrives to her pocketbook…at the very least not from SAG-AFTRA, that is. Having said that, the common animated collection Paula does voice-over get the job done for, “The Very pleased Loved ones: Louder And Prouder,” was nominated for two 2024 NAACP Awards.

Comic/actress, Luenell

For what it’s value, it need to of at minimum been comforting for Paula to know she is not by yourself in her SAG-verify wrestle. After she took to social media to vent about her SAG-AFTRA verify, comic/actress, Luenell, commented underneath Paul’s submit to permit her now they are equally in the same battle, crafting:

“See Paula, I already made a post like this … was about 15 checks that additional up to about $96.00🤔”-Luenell

Wow. So, as we all can see from Luenell’s and Paula’s transparency… two issues are abundantly clear– fame does not normally equate to bucks and in Hollywood it’s no secret that in many cases Black actresses regrettably get significantly considerably less regard in the game.