Big Hit, Hit-Boy and The Alchemist have released the title-track for their upcoming collaborative album, Black & Whites.

Shot through the lens of THIRDEYERAZ, the colorless clip spotlights the trio showcasing their witty bars over Hit-Boy’s production.

“Niggas ain’t never been gangsta to mе / When will they test mе, I’m waiting to see,” Hit-Boy begins from behind the wheel.

Big Hit follows suite rapping, “I’m feeling drama free like God erased my enemies / Tired of living life dramatic / Erasing niggas sporadic / Reversing all bad habits,” while Al adds, “I’m whacking out his name, I put a line over it / Pick out a section of the curb / And spill the wine over it.”

“Black & Whites” is the follow-up to the forthcoming project’s previous single, “Foreclosure“.

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