Lengthy reside Mac Miller.

Mac Miller’s estate releases a formerly launched “The Quest” on electronic streaming platforms.

Anchored by a hypnotic output by Larry Fisherman, his producing alias, the late rapper shares an introspective seem at a relationship.

“We check out to dwell in this lie / Vacations that go by, allow ’em consume, a man is still dry,” he raps. “So I’m makin’ these phone calls / Preserve my eyes to the sky, you know I’m takin’ it all / Been knocked down, but I acquired up swinging / Wide awake, my mobile phone remain ringing.”

As of these days, “The Quest” was only out there on the vinyl version of past year’s 10th-anniversary reissue of Millers 2013 albumWatching Flicks With The Audio Off.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=FnW6AMn8MhM