PartyNextDoor continues the party with the fourth installment of his self-titled album, PartyNextDoor 4.

The set is proceeded with “Resentment“, “Real Woman“, “Lose My Mind“, and last year’s “Her Old Friends“. With a total of 14 tracks in total, P4 also includes “For Certain“, “Control”, “Stuck In My Ways”, “Make It To The Morning”, “Sorry, But I’m Outside”, “A Mother’s Prayer”, “Family”, and more.

PartyNextDoor first began the self-titled series back in 2014 with his stellar PartyNextDoor 2 and then released PartyNextDoor 3 (P3) in 2016.

PartyNextDoor 4 marks Party’s first project since his 2021 Colours, a compilation of his 2014’s Colours and 2017’s Colours 2 EPs. He also released his PartyMobile album in 2020.

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