Your Old Droog connects with Strategy Gentleman and Denzel Curry on his new one, &#8220DBZ&#8221 manufactured by Madlib.

Around Madlib&#8217s soul-sampled loop, YOD sets it off with his opening verse. &#8220I&#8217m tryna get a billion on the publications, no clue how a ceiling appears to be / Bought minds to principles and we killing hooks,&#8221 he raps in advance of his fellow MCs abide by suit.

Meth raps, &#8220Get even darker than DMX on the streets of Yonkers / The cheaper hawker adore Mary Jane like I&#8217m Peter Parker,&#8221 prior to Curry adds, &#8220I cracked the code and performed the cards from they hands, a gambit / When I get the mic, I crush your stamina, you will be ruined

&#8220DBZ&#8221 is the follow-up to final calendar year&#8217s &#8220Waves Crashing&#8220, also produced by Madlib. Your Aged Droog is currently polishing his following album, because of this summer season.

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