The saga continues on the seventh installment of Tee Grizzley’s “Robbery” series.

Directed by Jerry Productions, the cinematic visuals centers the Detroit rapper recovering from his wounds from his “Robbery 6“, while getting back to his hustle and plotting his next move.

“We pull up to his crib, she call his phone, we park right by the curb / He come out with two niggas and they strapped, but I am not concerned / I hop out, I’m like, “What’s the word?” / Introduce myself, he like, “I heard / I need you on my team, bro, what can you do with fifty birds?”

Produced by Helluva, Jorge Luis Ocampo, and Keanen Self, “Robbery 7” is Tee’s third release of the year following “Suffering In Silence“ and the most recent “Swear To God” featuring Future.

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