Cardi B has had about adequate. But to listen to her tell it, the Bronx rapper releases her new solitary, “Enough (Miami)”, which is debuted with its music video clip.

Backed by OG Parker and Romano’s creation, Cardi B confidently dropping bars aimed at her competitiveness whilst serving several looks in high-designer put on.

“I use pressure like boa constrictors,” raps Cardi basked below flickering lights. “One bitch, two bitch, previous bitch, new bitch / None of y’all bitches not gon’ do shit / I’m in Miami, I pull up on cruise ship / You in Miami, 4 hos to a home shit .”

“Enough (Miami)” arrives on the heels of Cardi B’s most modern launch, “Like What Freestyle” from earlier this month. out?v=narFtb5tdTQ