Unleash The Archers Britteny Slayes Breaks Down “Phantoma”

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Unleash The Archers Britteny Slayes Breaks Down “Phantoma”

Shimon Karmel

It’s always exciting when new Unleash The Archers material is on the horizon. This band has a history of delivering phenomenal albums, and their previous release even took home our album of the year award for the Folk N Metal list. Now, we are getting ready as their latest full-length studio album, ‘Phantoma’, will be unleashed on May 10th, 2024 via Napalm Records.

Again, this is another concept album for the band, and this time they take a look at AI, which of course is a current hot topic and has been so for about a year now. The story is very interesting – it’s about an AI that becomes sentient and wants to be a part of humankind. But it’s also a ‘grass isn’t always greener’ type of story as well. To date, the band has released several singles, all of them phenomenal, and we’re especially excited for the full release of the record.

I recently had the chance to chat with frontwoman Brittney Slayes about the album’s themes and inspirations. She revealed that a multitude of contemporary issues fueled the creative fire for Phantoma. And what certainly helped that inspiration, was everything that was going on and the uncertainty during the pandemic in 2021. From climate change and the ever-growing anxieties of a society tethered to social media, Slayes and the band mixed in these complex realities into the albums story, shaping the protagonist’s journey and the overall arching tale of the record.

Her inspiration seems to come from everywhere – current events, can spark an idea, (as it did with this album) and then it gets twisted and blended with elements from science fiction movies, fantasy realms, and a little bit of Iron Maiden. Check out the full interview now on our YouTube channel to learn more about her creative process and much more.

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