Spotlight Video: ‘Sugar’ – Eye’z

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Spotlight Video: ‘Sugar’ – Eye’z

As we find ourselves just over a week and some change past the summer solstice, it’s that time of year when many of us are engaged in the same ritual – curating the perfect playlist for the season. I’ve been getting myself into this annual tradition, seeking out those tracks that embody the essence of summer. Today, I’m excited to share one such gem that’s caught my attention: ‘Sugar’ by San Francisco-based singer Eye’z. And this is going to be perfect to listen to on those hot summer days as the ice cream truck rolls down the street. Because this song itself, is quite the sweet treat.

This track has become a standout on my personal summer playlist, and I’m going to be getting into both the song and its accompanying video. Now, before we get into this track and its video, I’ve got to say something. This song instantly won me over, and Eye’z is a great discovery for me. Many of you who’ve read my reviews before know my usual routine. When I hear something I really like, I immediately open up the artist’s discography and start exploring. And let me tell you, what I’ve found is nothing short of a treasure trove.

First, her approach to releasing music has really caught my attention. I’ve noticed she often puts out different versions of her tracks, which is something I’ve always appreciated when artists do. Take her song ‘Still a Rainbow’ for instance. She’s released not just the standard radio version, but also an acapella version and an instrumental. This kind of variety is fantastic, especially when an artist has a voice as impressive as Eye’z’s. I’m such a sucker for great acapella tracks.

I mean, when you’ve got a voice that can stop you in your tracks, hearing it unaccompanied really lets you appreciate the raw talent. It’s like getting a behind-the-scenes look at the core of the song. So for me, her other work, songs like ‘Go For It,’ has been in heavy rotation as well.

I think Eye’z’s voice has a quality that really takes me back. It’s got this nostalgic feel that reminds me of the soulful R&B, and pop fusion I grew up listening to. There’s something timeless about her vocals that just transports me to those earlier days. Her sound manages to blend that classic vibe with a fresh, while she is just doing her own creative thing. It’s like rediscovering an old favorite while experiencing something new at the same time.

Let’s turn our attention to ‘Sugar,’ the track and video I’m focusing on today. It kicks off with this soothing, calming sound that reminds me of a lullaby or a music box. It’s got that charm that sort of puts you at ease. The video reinforces this vibe with a 3D rendered musical box, complete with a spinning dancer. You know those ballet boxes we’ve all seen? It’s just like that.

There’s also this subtle effect in the background that’s hard to pin down. I can’t quite put my finger on what it’s supposed to represent, but it adds to the overall soothing atmosphere of the piece. It’s almost like there’s literally ASMR in this song. It’s not really quite the crackling sound that you hear of an old record, but perhaps it’s a little sprinkles of sugar falling along a desk. But either way, I really like this and how it was done.

That little tinkling lullaby like sound keeps going on throughout the track, as a nice little slow jam beat comes in. The way Eye’z has blended these elements creates something that’s both relaxing and hypnotic. Then her voice waltzes in, smooth as honey and rich as caramel. It was a decadent treat for the ears I have to say.

Some of the lines are delivered with a playful lilt. There were moments of vocal improvisation, like sprinkles of joy scattered atop the melody. For example, when she delivers the line “you’re so sweet you can’t be beat,” in this really cutesy voice. It was all so well crafted, a confection of sound designed to tantalize the taste buds of the heart and soul. I mean, that part was just cherry on top of an already irresistible creation.

To me this song seems to be a bittersweet serenade, a confection of unrequited affection. It’s about that of a love that exists in dreams and a tantalizing sweetness that dissolves upon waking. And I feel like it gives you this sense of yearning, a craving for a connection that remains just out of reach, like a candy wrapper left empty after a sugar rush that fades all too quickly. Which I think is saying, that sometimes the sweetest things in life are also the most ephemeral, leaving us with a lingering taste of both delight and melancholy.

Now this song is a bite-sized bonbon of unrequited love. Clocking in at just over a minute and nine seconds. Which to me feels like sometimes the sweetest treats are the ones that disappear too quickly, leaving us wanting more. Which I do have to say this song does give you a little bit of a craving. But that’s not a complaint at all. Sometimes all you need to say in a song, can easily be said in one minute or less.

The music video for “Sugar” is a visual feast that perfectly complements the song’s saccharine sweetness. Parts of the video has this 3D-esque landscapes bathed in a kaleidoscope of pinks, reds, and other love-inspired hues, it creates a dreamy atmosphere that mirrors the song’s fantastical longing. In some of the shots Eye’z, is wearing this stunning shimmering dress as she glides through the virtual realms like a spun-sugar ballerina.

With that said, with its playful vocals, dreamy production, and visually stunning music video, it’s a feast for the senses. The song is a fantastic quick-hitter track that’s sure to get stuck in your head. So go ahead and add the track to your summer paylist, and also don’t forget to check out her other work. It’s fantastic.

Eye’z With Her Voice Teacher

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