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Spotlight Track: ‘Infirmary’ – Dedlights

Dedlights have unleashed a hard rock haymaker with their latest track, “Infirmary.” This beat-’em-up rock anthem packs more punch than a championship bout and is guaranteed to ignite you faster than a lit fuse from this past Independence Day. It’s a taste of the fresh material they’ve been cooking up in the studio, and if this track is any indication, we’re in for a treat when the full course arrives.

This track taps into that dark little corner of our minds where we store all those “what if” scenarios – you know, the ones where we finally snap and give some bully a piece of our mind, or fist. Dedlights have crafted a track that feels like it could be the soundtrack to every triumphant moment in your life, real or imagined.

The song comes right at you with a raw, in-your-face energy that grabs you by the collar, and this song is looking for a fight after all. The opening riff smashes through the speakers with a fusion of hard-edged rock and funky undertones that at the same time, had me movin.
The guitar work here is pretty electrifying I would say.

It’s got this rapid-fire signal cut that gives the whole intro an edgy, almost glitchy vibe. It’s like someone took the late ’90s alternative metal scene, tossed it in a blender with a hefty dose of funk, and cranked it up to eleven. So this song will be hitting you nostalgia while talking about hitting you in the face.

But let’s talk about that bassline for a second. It’s not just funky, I mean it’s downright infectious.It’s almost like a never ending hard drop.  It’s a great foundation for the chaos above. And speaking of chaos, the drums are like a relentless assault on your eardrums. They’re declaring war on silence.

After the second verse, “Dedlights” shifts gears, unleashing a rhythm section that hits like a one-two combo. The bass goes really deep here, channeling raw funk with the finesse of a seasoned street fighter. It’s not clean either, it’s got grit, like knuckles wrapped in sandpaper. In the background, a rough atmospheric effect lurks, ready to pounce. A bluesy guitar riff cuts through as well and sound phenomenal as well. It leaves a flurry of jabs that leaves you reeling.  And I have to say it’s not a polite exchange – it’s a no-holds-barred brawl between six strings and empty air.

Now, let’s talk about the drums. There’s this really cool transition effect during the solo and the break portion here. There is a great build up, the drums here are sizing up their opponent. A steady beat keeps pounding, building tension like fighters circling each other in the ring, you can feel the anticipation. A classic rock-inspired lick then comes in, throwing its hat into the ring.

It’s an old-school contender in a new-age fight, proving it can still hang with the young guns. But it doesn’t stick around long, fading back as if ducking out of the spotlight. And this is something that I absolutely love about their style of music here on this song in particular. There’s a little bit of classic rock, mixed with more of the newer stuff that we hear.

The song is tale of retribution, dripping with aggression and I would go as far as to say, some dark humor. It’s the story of someone who’s been pushed to their limit, ready to unleash hell on those who’ve wronged them. It’s not a pretty story, but it’s told with a wink and a nod that keeps it from veering into truly dark territory. Which, I mean it is kinda dark.

The lyrics are peppered with clever movie references for some pop culture savvy to the tough-guy persona. There’s a nod to the iconic scene from “Back to the Future” where George McFly finally stands up to Biff, suggesting he is about to deliver some long-overdue payback. Another reference calls back to the brutal fight scene in “A Christmas Story,” with our he finally snaps and unleashes his pent-up rage.

I think these movie callbacks serve a dual purpose. They add a touch of levity to the otherwise intense lyrics, and they also frame the conflict in terms that most listeners can relate to. Who hasn’t fantasized about standing up to their own personal Biff at some point? I know many of you reading this have been stuck in traffic before.

And the talk about the infirmary, really  drives home the point that this confrontation isn’t going to end well for the song’s target. It’s a promise of impending doom, delivered with the cold efficiency of a hospital admissions clerk. Throughout the track, he presents himself as an unstoppable force of nature. He’s not claiming to be a good guy – in fact, he explicitly states he’s no saint – but he’s positioning himself as the lesser of two evils. There’s a sense that whatever’s about to go down, the target has brought it upon themselves through their actions.

The brutal promises might be shocking if they weren’t delivered with such flair. It’s like watching a masterful boxer work – you might wince at the impact, but you can’t help admiring the technique. “Dedlights” is a warning shot across the bow. It’s a reminder that actions have consequences, and sometimes those consequences come with a killer soundtrack. Absolutely go add this track to your workout playlist right now.

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