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Spotlight: A Look At The Video And Single, “Dark” From Christopher Dallman

Today, we set our sights on the video for “Dark” by Christopher Dallman. This Milwaukee-based musician is a multi-talent: he can sing, write songs, and produce them himself. But Christopher isn’t one to rest on his laurels. He’s innovating and searching for fresh sounds. For years, he’s been a fixture on the folk scene, captivating audiences with his music.

But with “Dark,” he’s taking a bold leap into uncharted territory: digital pop. And here’s where things get interesting: a surprising amount of the song’s instrumentation is actually created by his own voice. He uses his vocal talents to produce a range of sounds and tones, combining them together into a unique blend that forms the backbone of the song.

In the world of music, lyrics are often the star of the show, carrying the melody and delivering the heart of the message. But sometimes, the arrangement and the sounds themselves can be equally expressive. In Christopher’s “Dark,” the instrumentation transcends its traditional role as background accompaniment.

Instead, it takes center stage, and gives a ocean of sound that becomes the song’s primary voice. It particularly highlights his ability to use his own voice in such a multifaceted way, effectively transforming it into a versatile instrument capable of producing a range of sounds and tones.

This song kicks off with a unique, almost buzzing hum and some trippy effects. Suddenly, there’s this jarring static blast. Then, this beautifully layered, harmonized humming takes over – otherworldly and laced with a cool digital edge. That static comes in and out, adding to the whole atmospheric vibe – it really emphasizes how this he uses their voice as an instrument. And check out that steady tapping in the background, pure old-school synth vibes. I’m not even sure if it’s the voice or an actual synth, but either way, it’s incredibly well-done.

His voice come in with this sharp, almost robotic quality – you can really hear it before he transitions into his regular singing style. He’s got a great voice, and that robotic element comes back later, gradually fading into the song’s overall digital feel. The unexpected pauses add another layer of coolness – these jolts of silence just before the catchy hook hits are like little bursts of anticipation.

On the second verse, we even get these layered, distorted vocals, almost like a deep, echoing response that adds another dimension to the sound. It’s a cool little touch that kept me hooked, constantly surprised by the new sonic twists and turns. As the song progresses, the energy builds. The rhythm accelerates, and more of those electronic, synthy elements swirl in, creating a thrilling finish. It’s like the song is hurtling towards a final destination, with all these different elements converging in an explosive conclusion.

And to me, the song seems to explore themes of self-reflection, struggle, and the search for identity. It goes into the internal conflict of a person who feels they have never been good enough and have had to put on a facade to face the world. It’s like this story through darkness, both metaphorically and literally, as the he grapples with inner demons and the consequences of his actions.

And it’s like there is this sense of resilience despite the absence of external support or a safety net. It’s a portrayal of vulnerability, where the he admits to their shortcomings. It feels like a song about a person’s battle with their shadow self, the parts of us that we often hide or deny, and the longing to be seen and understood beyond the surface level.

The music video perfectly complements the song’s unique sound, creating a strangely unsettling mood. We see him in a stark white outfit, topped off with a hat, standing next to a picture-perfect picket fence. The scene is bathed in the inky blackness of night, with only the glow of a spotlight and cars in the back providing any illumination. He’s positioned right by a freshly dug patch of earth, a shovel firmly gripped in his hand, hinting at some kind of dark deed. The image is both haunting and puzzling, making you wonder what secrets lie buried beneath the disturbed earth.

The scene abruptly cuts to another version of the him. This time, he’s bathed in the flickering orange glow of fire projected onto him within a dark room with mirror reflections. These contrasting visuals create a powerful sense of mystery and tension, leaving you to wonder what’s going on. Is this a separate reality, or a figment of the his imagination? Maybe it represents the burning intensity of some hidden desire or emotion.

We do finally see him unearth something and it appears to be a mirror, revealing his reflection in the pale moonlight. But the surprises don’t stop there – beyond that, he kneels down and pulls out a small, weathered treasure box. He opens it with a hint of anticipation, and inside lies a cassette tape.

For those unfamiliar with this ancient relic, cassettes were the way we used to listen to music before CDs came along. (And let’s be honest, these days there’s probably a whole generation out there who have no idea what a CD even is! Imagine having to rewind a song with a pencil!). The discovery leaves him contemplative – what does this unearthed cassette mean? What secrets might it hold? Perhaps the next chapter of the video will offer some clues, but for now, the element of mystery is incredibly intriguing.

The visual metaphor of the unearthed cassette is particularly interesting. Is it a literal object from the past, or something more symbolic? Does it represent forgotten memories, buried desires, or a lost connection to something important? The video doesn’t provide any easy answers, but it left me pondering these questions.

Overall, I really enjoyed the song and I thought the video was incredibly cool. They both had such a unique energy, and the storytelling elements were top-notch. I’m so intrigued to see where this story goes – is this only the first chapter? Will the secrets of the cassette be revealed? This was a great track and a phenomenal video from an incredibly talented artist. I can’t wait to see what Christopher will do next!

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