Rosie Perez Recalls Dispute With Don Cornelius, She ‘Threw A Bucket Of Chicken’ At Him
&#8220Soul Teach&#8221 founder and host, Don Cornelius previous &#8220Soul Prepare&#8221 dancer-turned actress, Rosie Perez

Actress and former Soul Prepare dancer, Rosie Perez, has usually admitted that she had major anger concerns back in the working day. She recalled one particular heated incident when items obtained way out of hand on the established of Soul Prepare. A person such scenario apparently obtained unattractive among Rosie and her then-manager, the late, great Don Cornelius&#8230and allow&#8217s just say that neither Don, nor Rosie didn&#8217t play that!

In her book, Handbook For an Unpredictable Lifestyle, Rosie Perez informed the story of how she went by way of a Great deal of torment as a boy or girl and was a ward of the point out of New York by the age of 3. Her activities of actual physical abuse at the arms of her Mother, the nuns at the Catholic kids&#8217s property she was despatched to, and acquiring to fend for herself, is what guide her to make the selection to do what she did to answer the way that she did when Don Cornelius produced her offended. She claims in hindsight, she thinks she overreacted, and this is what she reported took place in a prior job interview with Soul Practice:

Rosie Perez

Interviewer: You didn&#8217t just combat young children at school. You fought back again versus the nuns. Then you bought into a combat with Don Cornelius when you have been on “Soul Practice.” Can you tell us that story?

Rosie Perez: That was a clue that I needed enable. I considered, &#8220I&#8217m so collectively. I&#8217m in university. I&#8217m likely for my important in biochemistry. I&#8217m great,&#8221 you know? &#8220I&#8217m on &#8216Soul Train.’&#8221 And if you just pressed the completely wrong button, it was, like, just a nuclear explosion would take place in me.

That&#8217s what took place with Don Cornelius. He touched me, and pulled me, and yanked me inappropriately. I freaked out, and I just started off swinging, and started off grabbing matters. The 1st matter I grabbed was a two-piece Kentucky Fried Hen. It was a small place. I was beyond embarrassed. I was nevertheless strolling out with this pathetic bravado like, &#8220So? I don&#8217t treatment. I don&#8217t care.&#8221 By the time I get in the car or truck, I start crying. I felt like an fool.

Interviewer: You threw a rooster wing at Don Cornelius&#8217 brow?

Certainly. It&#8217s embarrassing, and it was so wrong. I thank goodness that we ended up equipped to make up ahead of his passing. But that&#8217s what I suggest it&#8217s like, &#8220Am I truly making the most of my lifetime? If I am this particular person holding on to this anger from the earlier, am I definitely making the most of my lifestyle?&#8221 No.

Geesh&#8230Rosie was no joke again then! I guess Don didn&#8217t have time for a feisty 5&#82171&#8243 female hurling hen wings at his forehead every time she received mad about some thing.

Seriously while, if a person places his arms on a female inappropriately, by all signifies she has each proper to react even so she sees match. We don&#8217t condone any one &#8220pulling, touching, or yanking&#8221 everyone, but I assume what Rosie is expressing is that the extent of what Don Cornelius&#8217 action was, was not as extreme as what she processed it as in that specific minute. So, it seems like that&#8217s probably why she&#8217s now expressing her reaction to him was mistaken.

However, the good news is that Rosie suggests her anger issues are beneath management now. Like we described earlier, her anger management problems occur from a deep position of childhood suffering and abuse from university nuns, according to her book. So to her credit, she didn&#8217t just arrive listed here that way&#8230but she experienced to do a ton of inner soul searching and healing to get over her past struggles. Props to her for accomplishing the work.

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