Premiere: Paige Stark Releases Video For Cover Of Nilsson Schmilsson Classic, “I’ll Never Leave You”

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Premiere: Paige Stark Releases Video For Cover Of Nilsson Schmilsson Classic, “I’ll Never Leave You”

Julia Brokaw

It’s a big day for Paige Stark. Not only is her solo EP, ‘Good at Love,’ finally available for you to check out at this link. And she’s also treating us to a mesmerizing cover of the Harry Nilsson classic, “I’ll Never Leave You.” This rendition, produced by Jon Brion who also plays on it and featuring guest Cherry Glazerr , is accompanied by a great music video that’s going to leave you spellbound.

About the track, she tells us:

This is one of my favorite Harry Nilsson songs and it was wonderful to reimagine it with Jon. I wanted it to feel intimate and haunting . The ending I was picturing sirens calling. I love how it turned out and feel like it completes the emotions I wanted to convey on the Ep.

Originally released on November 11, 1971, as part of Harry Nilsson’s critically acclaimed album, Nilsson Schmilsson, “I’ll Never Leave You” might not have been a chart-topping single like some of the album’s other hits, but it remains a beloved and enduring piece of Nilsson’s catalogue. With that said, it also did not fly under the radar commercially either, hitting number 3 on the Billboard charts.

Placed at the end of the EP, “I’ll Never Leave You” serves as a fitting closer to Paige’s ‘Good at Love’. Thematically, I would say the EP can be viewed as a concept piece. Having “I’ll Never Leave You” at the end reinforces this concept, offering a resolution or culmination of the emotions explored throughout the EP. While Paige pays homage to the original with her version very well, she also injects her own distinct stripped-down style, infusing the track with even more layers of vulnerability and emotional impact.

In the original, “I’ll Never Leave You” (and that album in general) was a detour for Nilsson, showcasing a softer side that contrasted with his usual pop, rock, and jazz-infused sound. While a touch of his signature quirkiness still peeks through, the overall feel is personal and tender. I would say this change also highlighted his versatility as a songwriter.

Paige completely stuns in her cover. Her voice, a silken thread of emotion, gives off a spellbinding aura around the music. She delivers every line with so much sincerity and emotional depth, and to me, this brings out a new vulnerability of the lyrics.

Near the end of the track, the song then culminates in a hauntingly beautiful, ethereal overlay of harmonies. And she absolutely nailed it with the intent that she said she was going for during this part. It really is like a siren’s song from a forgotten shore, that will lure you into a realm of enchanted

The music video, directed by Fabianne Therese Gstottenmayr, features Paige dancing elegantly alongside a spectral doppelganger bathed in a ghostly shade of blue, amplifying the song’s haunting atmosphere. The stunning visuals, with impressive FX work by Daniel Katz, perfectly complement the track’s emotional depth and create a truly great experience. Kudos to the entire team for crafting such a visually stunning video.

“Good at Love” is a beautiful EP that explores the many facets of love and relationships and again you can pick it up and the following link. Be sure to add it to your playlist, and check out the new video, right here. And if you’re in the LA area on the 9th, don’t miss out on her EP release show at Scribble.



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