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Over 500 Million Ticketmaster Users’ Data Potentially Compromised In Massive Leak

A recent report by Cyber Daily has unveiled a significant data breach potentially affecting the personal details of an estimated 560 million Ticketmaster customers. The hacking group known as ShinyHunters has come forward claiming responsibility for the breach, which, if verified, could be one of the largest in history. The data breach has reportedly exposed a vast amount of sensitive information, including customer names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and potentially even credit card details.

Reports indicate a massive trove of customer data, amounting to 1.3 terabytes, is being sold on underground forums. The hacking group responsible for the breach is reportedly demanding a ransom between half a million and $750,000 for the data. In a concerning development, a second hacker has also appeared, offering the same data on a different forum. However, the connection between this individual and the initial hacking group remains unclear.

Ticketmaster has acknowledged the data breach and is reportedly working closely with the Department of Home Affairs in Australia to investigate the incident and mitigate potential risks. Users should  exercise heightened vigilance in light of the breach, as they may be targeted by phishing attempts, fraud, and identity theft. Customers should be wary of any unsolicited communications, especially emails or messages requesting personal or financial information.

The revelation of this massive data breach comes at a particularly sensitive time for Ticketmaster, as the company faces an antitrust lawsuit filed by the United States Department of Justice and 30 state attorneys general just one week prior. The lawsuit accuses Ticketmaster of abusing its market dominance to inflate ticket prices and stifle competition, further exacerbating the challenges faced by both the company and its customers.

The hacking group ShinyHunters, known for their involvement in several high-profile data breaches, has a history of targeting major corporations and organizations, with recent victims including Pizza Hut, where they reportedly leaked the data of 193,000 customers in September, and AT&T, where they allegedly exposed the information of 70 million subscribers.

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