For the first time, Dying Scene is heading to Copenhell, a festival in Denmark! We are so excited to be among the crowd and give you everything from daily reports and reviews to some festival BTS.

Let’s examine some background on the festival and how we were lucky enough to be accredited for Copenhell.

Copenhell was started in 2010 by Live Nation and takes place in an area of Copenhagen called ‘Refshaleøen’. Back in 2010, when it began, the festival took place for two days with bands like Suicidal Tendencies, The Damned Things, Deftones, and Hatebreed, to mention a few. They only had two stages at the time. As time has progressed, Copenhell has expanded into more days, added a few more stages, and had some big names visit their festival, like Bad Religion, Danzig, Rise Against, Code Orange, Dropkick Murphys, Fever 333, Terror, Dog Eat Dog, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Kiss. Now it’s 2024, and while Copenhell has grown, one would expect a festival like this to lose its touch. I understand that some might say something else. And to that, I say, to each their own and move on, but I think this year might be one of the best I get to attend because of the lineup and the vibe surrounding it.

In this guide, I will also share my daily festival essentials and what happens in Biergarten afterward. I will explain why bringing a light jacket is essential because Danish weather changes faster than a toddler’s taste in food. And while speaking of toddlers, is it a good festival for kids?

So, let’s look at the lineup. Because it is a rock and metal festival, some might question why Dying Scene, a punk ‘zine, will spend time and effort at Copenhell. Well, friends, because of other the years, they’ve added more and more punk, hardcore, and for that, I’m so fucking thankful.

To the bands I’m watching and those I’m giving a chance because I’m open to new music and experiences:

Body Count

You’re probably thinking, “Karina, seriously? Body Count???” and the answer is, duh? Body Count is a band I’ve wanted to see for a long time, but sadly, I didn’t attend when they played at Copenhell the last time. Body Count is a rap metal group that Ice-T started in 1990, and they have some awesome tunes. You can find me on Saturday, June 22nd, absolutely rapping along.

Chelsea Wolfe

I fell for Chelsea Wolfe before she was announced for Copenhell via a colleague who told me she was set to release a new album in 2024. From there, I took any suggestions on what of hers I needed to listen to and have in my life. My buddy Troels even came with a whole album and told me to listen. Chelsea Wolfe has such a beautiful voice, and her newest album, “She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She,” became the main reason you can find me at her concert on Friday, June 21st.

Dropkick Murphys

Long-standing Friends of Dying Scene. Dropkick Murphys is one of the bands I’ve watched most in concert. I am a sucker for catchy songs, and DKM has undoubtedly made a career out of them. You can catch me at their concert on Friday, June 21st at 9 pm.

Empire State Bastard

I need to find out what this band’s music genre is. But Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro has teamed up with Mike Vennar from Oceanside to create something that sounds like they are having much fun. Either way, I’m excited to see what it’s about! Catch me, humaning, at their concert on Wednesday, June 19th.

Fu Manchu

Isn’t Fu Manchu stoner rock? You’re probably asking yourself. And the answer is yes, but it’s the finest stoner rock. It’s the kind where you vibe with every song and likely end up in a mosh pit. Or at least, that’s my plan for their set. Find me on Saturday, June 22nd, living my best life.


I’ll admit, I’ve only heard their first album. But I really want to see them. And from the videos I’ve seen on social media, they put on a fun and brain-dead concert! You can catch me there on Saturday, June 22nd.

JJ And The A’s

I saw them open for Civic last November, and that was entertaining. They have a great sound, and I look forward to seeing the band take the stage at Copenhell. I’m hoping they don’t clash with other bands. But you can catch me there on Saturday, June 22nd.


I’ve never seen them perform, but nearly everyone I know has, and they all say the same. It’s the best thing ever, and I’m curious enough to see what this industrial metal band can do and if I join their fan club. You can catch me feeling the music on Friday, June 21st.


I’ve seen them live! They have blown me away! I love this band, and it’s a prog band. If you don’t have anything to watch when they are performing, I highly recommend catching them in action. They are unique, and you become a fan so quickly. You can see me chilling at their set on Friday, June 21st.


A Danish hardcore band that initially went their separate ways in 2008, they quickly reunited in 2021 for some shows. This year, they reunited for a few shows, and we are lucky to have Copenhell to give people what they want, which is Lack. I want Lack. Watch me get my mind blown on Thursday, June 20th. This is an important show for me.

Limp Bizkit

THIS ISN’T A DRILL; IT’S HAPPENING. Limp Bizkit is coming to Denmark, AND I’M THERE. I know, Limp Bizkit—really? Really. They aren’t even a guilty pleasure. I like this band. But they are playing Thursday, June 20th, and I’m there, likely in a mosh pit.


Don’t sleep on the New York hardcore band when they entertain the crowd on Friday, June 21st.

 Mr. Bungle

I’ve slept on this band my whole life. Now, I’ll be amongst their audience on Thursday, June 20th.

The Hives

I slept on the fact that they visited Copenhagen in 2023 and kicked myself for that. But there’s always Copenhell, and that’s precisely where I’ll be seeing the band for the first time. I’m excited about it, honestly. Come dance with me on Thursday, June 20th.

The Offspring

Didn’t I see them at Slam Dunk in 2023? Yeah, I did. And it was something, BUT it’s The Offspring, and I grew up listening to them; I need always to attend their gigs when I can. Plus, I love dancing along to their songs… And singing along. Get over it.


I saw Tool for the first time in 2022, two weeks after I turned 30. From what I remember, I had the best time of my life at their concert. But I am attached to Tool’s music and look forward to their Saturday, June 22nd show.


UNDEROATH, FRICKING UNDEROATH. Enough said, I’m there, and I’m ready for this. Catch us vibing on Wednesday, June 19th.


Sorry, we can’t be friends if you don’t like Zulu. Since they started in 2019, Zulu has gone from strength to strength on the hardcore scene. Their debut album, “A New Tomorrow,” was an eye-opener with how they perfected the most challenging art in music. How cross-genres without it sounding cluttered and out of place. I think it is one of the best hardcore albums of 2023, and the intensity you hear on the album makes you leave wanting more. Find me on Thursday, June 20th, kicking it in the pit.

Here’s a list of bands I’ve never heard of or seen. I’ll attend blindly, so I will not listen beforehand because I sometimes like to do that.



Escuela Grind


Twin Temple

There’s probably more, but I’ll leave it alone now and move on.

Next up, here’s my essential packing list for the festival that I’ve found necessary over the years.

Sunblock: It’s summer in Copenhagen, and even though our weather can go from sunny to cloudy in 0.6 seconds, the sun hits hard when it is there. Don’t neglect your skin; bring some!

A light jacket: I’ll refer to the above, but the evenings can get chilly, and you don’t want to catch a cold.

Wear comfy shoes: Your feet will love you!

Bring a power bank: That explains itself.

Sunglasses: Maybe put one of those cool strings in them so you don’t lose them.

Lip Balm: Yes, your lips will thank me later.

AND for those camping, you’re pros. Hit up the comment section to add your festival essentials! Kids at the festival; I have done that for those bringing children for the first time. My son’s sixth birthday was at Copenhell, and he had a blast. I felt safe, seeing him start his little mosh pit while those older than him looked on. But Copenhell has a section on bringing kids to the festival that you can find here, along with other IMPORTANT information.


With the drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) flowing, it’s very important to eat, and Copenhell has a lot of variety when it comes to food! While there’s no word on what will be served (yet), I hope to see Naturli’ this year and have falafel and fries. A girl’s got to eat!

Other entertainment

Once again, Copenhell is bringing back Copenhell Con, which is fun and worth visiting! There are Q&A’s and loads of other great stuff to look at.

Once the music is over for the night, you don’t need to go into Copenhagen to have a grand ol’ time. You can visit Biergarten, where the afterparty doesn’t end until sunrise! A DJ will likely be spinning some records, but you can find all the bangers there—and likely most of your friends!

Last year, Copenhell had karaoke; that’s one thing I hope they will bring back. And what about football? This summer, we have the Euro Cup. Will it be shown in the hall behind the big bad Copenhell wolf? Time will tell!

Are you visiting Copenhell this year? If so, what are you really excited about? We are just happy to be part of a wholesome festival this year.

ART is made by Jakob Printzlau