Nelly manufactured responses lately that the Rap era of 1999-2010 was the toughest of all-time.

Now, legendary Wu-Tang emcee Strategy Man weighed-in and agreed to some extent.

Thats unusual to hear him say that, but I get it trigger he had almost nothing else to refer to. I necessarily mean, that would seem like a tough era, proper? He told 7PM In Brooklyn hosts Carmelo Anthony and The Kid Mero.

But I think the hardest era in Hip Hop, f**k it, I say all of em, man, cause we all even now combating for the exact f**king place. What is he speaking about? We all nevertheless combating for the exact same f**king posture.

Anthony, Mero and Meth agreed that Nelly symbolizing the Midwest mainly on his very own at that time may perhaps have also been a contributing variable to why he thinks the extend involving 1999 and 2010 was ripe with opponents who were being all match to sit at the No. 1 spot.

He has some validity to that cause it was quite tricky, but at that place in time, Hip Hop was almost everywhere. So as considerably as finding on, nah, it was an audience for any person that could get their s**t heard or set out at that time, whilst back when we commenced, you aint even know what motherf**kers appeared like, there wasnt no online video, no album reference, nothin. S**t, it was just what you heard on the radio and s**t, added Method.

All those people eras ended up tricky, however. I mean, all people opened doorways [so] the upcoming particular person could have it a little bit much easier. Period. But Im not likely to deny what he is stating.

Enjoy Approach Mans entire commentary in the video clip under.