Macklemore wants world peace on his brand new single, “Hind’s Hall”.

In the midst of pro-Palestine protests at Columbia University, the Seattle rapper shows support for the for the anti-Israel protesters who have disrupted numerous campuses across the country.

The Grammy-award winning artist begins “The people, they won’t leave / What is threatening about divesting and wanting peace / The problem isn’t the protests, it’s what they’re protesting / It goes against what our country is funding.”

The “Thrift Shop” hitmaker continues, “The blood is on your hands, Biden, we can see it all And fuck no, I’m not voting for you in the fall,” before adding, “What happened to the artist? / What you got to say? / If I was on a label, you could drop me today / I’d be fine with it ’cause the heart fed my page / I want a ceasefire, fuck a response from Drake.”

“Hind’s Hall” is Macklemore’s first official release since last year’s album, Ben. All proceeds for the track will be donated to United Nations Relief & Works Agency.

HIND’S HALL. Once it’s up on streaming all proceeds to UNRWA.

— Macklemore (@macklemore) May 6, 2024

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