Jimmy Page Gibson Signature Doubleneck SG

The Led Zeppelin guitarist’s iconic model will be available in an extremely limited run

Jimmy Page Gibson Signature Doubleneck SG
Jimmy Page and his Doubleneck Signature SG [Gibson]

As it celebrates 130 years of music history, Gibson, the iconic global instrument brand, is proud to announce it has entered into a new partnership with Jimmy Page, one of the most influential musicians in history and co-founder of one of the biggest bands of all time, Led Zeppelin. Introducing the Jimmy Page 1969 EDS-1275 Doubleneck Collector’s Edition from Gibson Custom. Made in close collaboration and with significant input from Jimmy Page, only 50 Collector’s Edition hand-signed, and played guitars will be available exclusively via the Gibson Garage in Nashville, the Gibson Garage London, and Gibson.com in Europe.

With its distinctive silhouette, Jimmy Page’s Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck has become one of the most iconic guitars in history. The images of him playing it on stage with Led Zeppelin are indelible to rock ‘n’ roll history. Jimmy defined the model from the moment his EDS-1275 was delivered to him, which allowed him to play the acoustic and electric 6-string and 12-string parts of the song “Stairway to Heaven” at live performances, and later using it for “The Song Remains the Same,” “The Rain Song,” “Celebration Day,” “Tangerine,” and most recently at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last November as a tribute to Link Wray. The EDS-1275 has become synonymous with Page’s legendary stage presence and the electrifying moments that defined a genre.

Gibson, the leading iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for 130 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, Gibson has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships, and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson portfolio includes Gibson, the leading guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone,which has been on every stage since 1873, Kramer, the original MADE TO ROCK HARD guitar brand, MESA/Boogie, the home of tone, KRK, behind great music for over 30 years, and Maestro, the founder of effect pedals. Gibson is dedicated to quality, innovation, and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands.

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The Gibson 1969 Jimmy Page Doubleneck Signature SG is available now HERE

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