Hush Releases New Single & Music Video “Gravity (Cult Trauma)” Out Now

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Hush Releases New Single & Music Video “Gravity (Cult Trauma)” Out Now

Genre-smashing maverick HU$H unleashes a hard-hitting and hypnotic new single and music video entitled Gravity (Cult Trauma) out now via Strange Music.  Listen here HU$H – Gravity (cult trauma) (

Watch the video here

From the jump, HU$H confidently spits, Woke up, I dont give a fuck if you dont like it, I still show up. He most definitely does!

Fusing metal, industrial hip-hop, and alternative, his deftly rhymed verses bleed into a bludgeoning and heavy crescendo fueled by a double bass fill and groaning distorted guitars. Vocally, he effortlessly alternates between pummeling screams and arresting melodies.

Once again, “Gravity” evinces his penchant for sonic alchemy.

With gothic overtones reminiscent of Blade and Constantine, the accompanying visual evokes this turbulence on-screen. HU$H performs for a vampiric audience clad in black. However, the clip takes an unpredictably bloody turn, and he finds himself crucified emotionally and physically.

About the song, HU$H commented, People spend a lot of their lives seeking out higher states of consciousness, completely oblivious to their state and what it has to teach them and the knowledge they already hold inside. In that state of confusion, they are susceptible to the manipulation of someone who presents themselves as having the knowledge they seek. This can lead people to a fantasy of their journey, leading them further from the source of their growth—which is themselves.

He goes on to open up further, I grew up in a town where this is the default for most people, constantly reaching outside themselves for answers only to be robbed of their own truth and quite often a lot of money. Some people will take advantage of a person seeking answers they think they dont have or cant access. Its all in us though, we just have to listen with patience instead of the common What pill can I take for this?.

Gravity (Cult Trauma) follows “CHOKE” and his first release of 2024 “Calling On Angels. Right out of the gate, the latter landed looks from New Noise Magazine, and Folk N Rock who raved, “He’s a true innovator in the world of music.

Bringing his vision to life on stage, he will appear at Symmetry Music & Arts Festival in Libertyville, IA on September 13-14 alongside the likes of Of The Trees and Ravenscoon, among others. Get tickets HERE.

Last summer HU$H teamed up with Kim Dracula on Tech N9ne’s venomously catchy single “W H A T (We’re Hungry And Thirsty)”. The latter has reeled in 1.9 million Spotify streams and garnered acclaim from the likes of Revolver and more.

Meanwhile, he also unveiled his Strange Music debut LP, SKUNKWORKS. In addition to posting up over one million total streams, it incited critical applause. Dancing About Architecture raved, “Hu$h deftly weaves between the two sonic realms, matching hard rock swagger with electro cool, beat with bombast, melody with muscle, and underground dance sonics with metal salvos.” Folk N Rock attested, “His ability to seamlessly fuse the aggression of metal, the rawness of punk, the lyricism of rap, and the electronic experimentation creates a sonic tapestry that defies conventions and captivates the senses…. unfolds like a sonic adventure, taking you on a rollercoaster ride through various musical landscapes.

HU$H is currently writing and recording with more song releases leading to a new album later this year.

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