Gucci Mane raps “No Diddy” 119 times in his newly released diss track “TakeDat,” aimed at the 54-year-old Hip-Hop mogul.

Guwop dropped the buzzworthy track along with the Omar The Director-helmed visual, which finds Gucci uttering “No Diddy” throughout the song. “No Diddy” is a phrase that has gone viral on social media since the myriad of sexual assault and misconduct allegations have been levied against the Bad Boy head honcho.

The lavish video channels the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa” clip with Diddy-esque shots of Gucci chilling in a hot tub with women. Biggie’s original video, released in 1994, is credited as having been co-directed by Hype Williams and Diddy.

“I got a young Miami bi**h from the city/ I’m spendin’ money like a trick, no Diddy/ I rock pissy yellow diamonds, no Diddy/ But she can’t be underage, no Diddy,” he raps about Combs allegedly paying Yung Miami to be his sex worker and traffic drugs for him.

Guwop said that he has never attended any of Puff’s parties due to the potential risk with the lines, “Why you ain’t ever seen Wop at the brunch?/ ‘Cause they might spike the punch, man, that sh*t too risky.”

He also mentioned how Diddy allegedly blew up Kid Cudi’s car for dating his ex-girlfriend Cassie and implies that Diddy was the one who got Biggie killed.

“Play with Wop and get popped, no Diddy/ She on the pills and the coke, no Diddy/ I keep a mule for the dope, no Diddy/ Diamonds dancin’ on my chest, no Diddy/ But I blow a ni**a car up like Kid Cudi’s/ I’m on the yacht, takin’ shots, no Diddy/ Pay for top from the thot, no Diddy/ Some ni**as wanna boss me, I’m not 50/ But get a ni**a a** touched like Biggie, no Diddy.”

Watch the “TakeDat” video below.


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