DaBaby checks in early this Wednesday morning with a new freestyle.

Propping a mic up in his man cave, the North Carolina rapper lights up and cracks the mic over various beats while showcasing his accolades.

“Yeah I pull the strings like a puppet / I’m in this bitch like Anthony Edwards / I’m in here going for buckets,” begins the Billion Dollar Baby. He continues, “I ain’t trying to be nice no more / If you don’t fuck with me then fuck ya, nigga / Act the wrong way, see how life gon’ go / I pull up in this bitch and dump it / I’m on bullshit / I’m Timothy, opps, I’m Himothy, bitch and I’m dunking.”

DaBaby is currently working on his next project and is just coming off the release of his new EP, Ghetto Superstar (The Intro).

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