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Billy Alexander Releases New Song And Video “You And Me Paradise” From His Upcoming Debut Solo Album Rock & Roll Diary

Following the release of his debut song “Hammer Of The Gods,” Billy Alexander has released a new song with an accompanying video titled “You And Me Paradise”. Both songs are from his upcoming album “Rock & Roll Diary,” set to be released later this year. Stream “You And Me Paradise” here: Billy Alexander – You And Me Paradise

Watch the video here:

When asked about the song, Alexander said,

“’You And Me Paradise’ is about escaping the day-to-day grind. Even when it’s not possible to physically go on a beautiful vacation, create one for yourselves wherever you are.”

While Rock & Roll Diary marks his debut album under his own name, Alexander’s extensive resume includes playing and touring with bands such as Feel, YYNOT, John Waite, and Anna Nalick, as well as writing, producing, and collaborating with various artists and winning several awards along the way.

He treads a traditional rock and roll path, but he does so with a brilliant blend of muscle and melody, delivering the expected big riffs and gritty grooves, but embellishing these well-trod roads with mellifluous guitar lines, neat changes of pace, and heavenly harmonies. A perfect blend of groove and grace” – The Big Takeover

His upcoming debut album Rock & Roll Diary is a twelve-song set that covers the full spectrum of rock genres. Alexander shared,

“After writing and producing three albums for my band YYNOT and years of writing for other artists, I started writing a batch of songs with no aim or intention other than just to write for myself. The songs were shaping themselves up to be a kind of reflection of my early influences and inspirational bands and artists from my youth and beyond.

When it came time to start putting the songs together in the studio, I felt even more liberated to just make a record in the spirit of the ones that lit my fire as a young teen and helped shape me as a guitarist, songwriter, and musician. Yet, I didn’t just go for an obvious ‘retro’ vibe as I’m still very much into the here and now in terms of current influences and growth in all areas. As much as this record is a celebration of my rock and roll heroes, at its core it’s my story.”

Dancing About Architecture said,

“Ahead of his solo debut album, Rock & Roll Diary, Billy Alexander has given us a brilliant first taste of what’s to come in the form of ‘Hammer Of The Gods.’ A heady blend of Zeppelin-esque intricacy and Def Leppard’s vocal prowess, it is a song that confidently strides across the rock and roll landscape.

And as it does so, it picks up all the best grooves and moves from across the eras. 70’s rock grandeur meets 80’s polish, 90’s alternative power, 21st-century poise and production, and modern rock accessibility all ooze from its musical pores.”

See the video for “Hammer Of The Gods” here:

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