‘A & B Sides Vol. Two’ –  Everything But The Everything

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‘A & B Sides Vol. Two’ – Everything But The Everything

In just under a week, Everything But The Everything, led by Izzy the Gent, will unleash a new 7-inch dual single, A&B Sides Volume Two. It’s been about a year since their last release, “Never Said” featuring Sophia Prise, and anticipation is high for what’s next. You can pre-save the new single at this link. Today, I’m going to give you a very quick look at what it’s all about. Spoiler alert, it’s awesome.

“Hotshot” opens with a hypnotic and shimmering guitar vibe, which sort of felt like it was transporting me to a laid-back state of mind. A little bit of a side note, but I’ve always loved this kind of style. Be it from the many of the greats from the Bay Area or Southern California, I’ve just always been a sucker for this kind of work.

The track then throws a short and energetic, brief but impactful, thunderous build-up on the drums. This short, sharp jolt transitions into a really cool smooth and easygoing bassline from Izzy that anchors the groove. The bassline takes the forefront here, along with the percussion work, and we’ve got some nice grooves going. The backbone of this passage is undoubtedly formed by the powerful combination of the bass and drums. But of course that guitar works and that great riff is really gonna get its time to shine.

And shortly thereafter, Sophia’s vocal stylings kick in, and they’re immaculate. Her voice really does feel like it’s putting this spell on you, capturing that same dreamy vibe as classic California rock. But Sophia’s got more than just sunshine in her voice. There’s a hint of something else there, a touch of coolness that wouldn’t be out of place in a smoky new wave club. And I just love how this edge adds a layer the song. And really from listening to her other work, I’m just a huge fan of her vocal work in general.

Right after the chorus that follows the second verse, Ian absolutely rips it on guitar. It’s like he’s been holding back this whole time, just waiting for the perfect moment to unleash some serious scorching licks, just in time for the summer solstice. And I mean he flies across the fretboard that interlocks perfectly with the rhythm section. Sophia’s voice comes in and out, adding this cool effect with the line “it’ll hit you back.” It’s a haunting counter here to Ian’s fiery work. And it sort of feels like a moment of tension and release.

“Salt” opens up with this heart-pounding bassline from Izzy that it’s just one of those tracks that’s gonna get your blood pumping. Which by the way, be sure to put this on your workout playlist once it’s released. The song kicks off with some light, airy guitar work that just goes around the edges of the mix. However, it definitely changes up later on throughout the track and as a fan of heavy guitar rock, this one definitely satisfied my taste buds.

And once again, Sophia’s vocals absolutely slay. This time around, she plays with a wider range, hitting those high notes and then diving down low, creating a smooth and cool contrast. Her style here is a unique blend – a bit sultry, a bit punk rock, and completely her own.

And when she hits the chorus, she really shows off her vocal range, going right into these lower registers and then she just hits you in the other direction. Take the line “Do you hear the words I’ll never say,” for example. She starts off in this low, almost hush-hush tone, and it’s a nice little slow burn.

Then, when she gets to that “say,” line, she unleashes a full-blown vocal explosion, and I can just hear that power and emotion right through my headset. Whenever this hits Spotify, it’s just going to be the kind of thing that makes you wish that service had Hi-fi. Tracks like this, and singers like this, are the entire reason as to why I personally use another streaming service as my primary.

Ian goes absolutely wild on the riffs and guitar work, shredding like a madman after the chorus. And soon after, this faint synth line sneaks in. It’s subtle at first, but it gradually grows stronger, closer, until it fills the space with this otherworldly vibe. It’s like the song is opening a portal to another dimension, and you’re being pulled through. And my God, with the way that he plays guitar and the way she sings, maybe they did manage to summon some sort of interdimensional wormhole.

Everything But The Everything have delivered everything you could ask for in a compact yet potent punk rock experience. These two tracks aren’t just a quick fix—they’re a full-blown rock n’ roll assault that left a big impression on me. The guitar work really shows Ian’s talent and passion, with Sophia’s vocals being a real force of nature.

I mean, If you’re searching for a dose of pure, unadulterated alternative punk energy, look no further. This is such a great project, and I’m thrilled to see what else Everything But The Everything is going to bring us in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future.

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